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What is Digital Marketing?

We cannot deny the fact that the world is quickly budging from analogue to digital. On an everyday basis people are consuming digital content more often through mobile phones, tablets, computers, laptops, etc. companies that have yet not understood the high end necessity of digital marketing strategy and its requirement need to soon adapt to it.

We at SimpleSeo understand the increasing need for Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata and across the globe. It is an inexorable and quickly growing force in the present day marketing playing field. It is definitely the future of marketing and it will sooner replace all kinds of traditional approaches.

It is a fact that digital marketing and methods of communication is anyway faster, quite versatile, it is practical and streamlined. It also offers quite a great potential to marketers as well as to online consumers.

We are a Digital Marketing service provider in Kolkata and it has definitely come a long way. At SimpleSeo we provide all kinds of Digital Marketing services all under a single roof. For sure Digital Marketing has come quite a long way. We are an SEO focused firm and we understand that fact that not only SEO with social media will be of great assistance to businesses but also one will require the proper marketing mix at the same time for a company to ultimately grow and flourish.

Digital Marketing Services and its Benefits

Digital Marketing Services Kolkata

SimpleSeo provides Digital Marketing service provider in Kolkata together with a flotilla of configurable services that are equip agencies and marketers to aptly streamline content development at the same time, amalgamate digital data collection and incorporation.

With the assistance and timely support of Digital Marketing services you get enabled with right set of processes and core tools which help in facilitating the progression of content as well as fresh initiatives across several digital channels. We provide you with services which will help you gain a long lasting advantage together with flexible and well turned-out digital marketing ecosystems.

Types of Digital Marketing

  1. Social Media: Social networking is a colossal and hugely increasing section of the Internet. More than 200 million people are actively using Twitter every month and more than 1 million people are hooked on to Facebook every month. Customers do expect to come across their brands on social media sites and this is why having your company’s presence here is definitely a big deal. How? We at SimpleSeo will help you out and form creative and inventive strategies.
  2. SEO: In the past few years as noticed, algorithms of search engines have hugely progressed and so they favor websites that come with good content. You have to understand that Search Engine Optimization is still quite crucial and with well formed SEO strategies we will make sure that your site does have the right set of tools needed which will help your website rank higher in the search engine rankings.
  3. PPC: PPC also known as Pay-per-click advertising helps to make your brand highly visible via links that are sponsored on search engine result pages. It is a highly useful partner to SEO as PPC can enable instantaneous traffic and specific targeting, thus complementing the organic effects and long lasting effect of SEO.
  4. Newsletters: Email newsletters can turn out being and remarkable tool by which a company can communicate with their customers often. It can be used for informing consumers about new products that have been launched, exciting news, special offers or simply use it for keeping yourself right there before their mind.
  5. Analytics: It is a highly efficient device and it is exercised to keep watch over social media, website and advertising campaigns. If you want to drive traffic towards your website through the medium of different sources you can conveniently access which of your applied sources are proving to be highly effective for your business and the one which can turn out being just wastage of money.

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Digital Marketing

The way to increase your brand value, engagement and sales through digital marketing services including SEO, SMO, PPC and more.

Social Media Campaigning

Social Media Campaigning

It helps to maintain your brand presence on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and more. It is also easy way to reach your users.

Pay Per Click Campaigning

Pay Per Click Campaigning

Google Adwords, Facebook Paid Campaign and more are included in Pay per click (PPC). It’s mainly use for business sales and conversion.

How Digital Marketing can Help to Grow your Business?

SimpleSeo makes sure that it delivers across business values. We work with companies all throughout the digital journey ensuring maximization of investment and also helping you to build sustainable competitive benefit.

We give you reasons to join hands with us:

  1. Improved returns on engagement: We provide you with effective Digital Marketing Services in Kolkata with simple tools which assists companies to aptly implement marketing campaigns that are multichannel together with standardized customer experience across all channels. We provide designs that are easy to use, assemble and execute promotion analytics, sentiment analysis and channel mix.
  2. Abridging international marketing functions: We provide you with a one stop shop for every digital marketing requirement with a well incorporated global production work. We try to work towards creating a more stabilized and mature process.
  3. Improved compliance: Our services provides you with an inclusive compliance model for privacy, security and regulatory requirements, adjustable validation and properly verified model to ensure a legalized and promotion quality marketing platform.
  4. Creating profit blocks for you: We work towards creating the base accurate and just apt so that it can progress systematically and smoothly.
  5. Maintaining profit consistently: We utilize the right mix to enhance profit.

Why Select Simple SEO India?

At SimpleSeo we work towards reaching out to your goals. You get more time towards doing what you love doing most. We work towards creating a positive impact for you and your company.

Understanding You

At SimpleSeo we work towards listening and understanding you. Yes, we work as a stepping stone, hand in hand and help you to establish and reach out to your goals. We take out time to understand what is important for your company, what is special and unique about your company. We also try to understand why you do what you do! Then we collaborate to work and deliver across your story, then get your noticed and positively deliver qualified leads.

We make sure that we understand customer’s point of view as well

When we know who we are selling, works as a key to your success. We work towards defining the persona of your audience. We take time to learn what motivates them to take action and ways to draw in their attention. We then create a reliable digital marketing plan which works towards engaging them and reaching out to them.

Delivering Excellence

At SimpleSeo the process of lead generation works like no other to set you ahead of your competition at the same time helping you reach your goals successfully. All that we do is lay focus towards delighting digital users and showering a positive impact on your business.