On Page SEO Techniques

We see so many who have started blogging while there are many who have had their established site for some time, but somehow they do not have much idea about SEO and its utmost need and importance.

On Page SEO Techniques

SEO basically stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. This is exactly where your website pages construction come into use and you also would require implementing a few effective strategies which will assist you to rank higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs). The higher the position of your page would be on Yahoo/Google/Bing etc, the more traffic would your website gain and the more elevated position would it gain in the search engine result.

We are here to learn about On-Page SEO. Basically it also refers to all the things that you are capable of doing on your website which will assist you on ranking at a higher position through internal linking, title of the page, description, meta tags and so forth.

Let us learn about the different On-Page SEO techniques:

  • Page Titles: One of the most vital aspects of your website is the page title. Each of your post and pages does come with its own unique title and this includes the chief or main keywords. Like, you can write a blog about a new product which you have tried and so you could include the post title with the ‘name of the product’ such as ‘Boots Radiance Cream’ or any other title that you wish to add. Hence, whenever anyone searches for this particular product in the search engine, your post would stand a better chance to show up as it has the chief keywords listed appropriately.

  • Meta Descriptions: Many people don’t emphasize on the importance of meta descriptions for their website pages. They are many sections where one needs to include relevant keywords for their content since they would be utilized within the search results when the page gets listed.

  • Meta Tags: For every page, a set of keywords can be included and they are known as meta tags. They must contain the relative keywords that are there in your content that you must properly research before posting one.

  • URL Structure: Make sure to always include URLs which are search engine friendly for every page as they help to bring forth a much progressive crawling process. When URLs are smaller, they somehow work better but this always is not the chief factor. When URLs contain the targeted keywords, they tend to perform in a much enhanced way. Again the way the keywords are located counts as being a major factor here.

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